TurboTop 2.8

Make any window 'Always on Top' with a click from a menu of visible windows in the System Tray
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Create a window in your system to always show on top of all the other elements. Place the utility in the system tray and associate it with one of the currently active windows to prevent minimizing and covering it with other items. reset the default status at will.

Making sure that a certain window always stays on top of other active tasks is not always easy to achieve, as this is an action that Windows cannot perform without the help of an external app or tool. TurboTop is probably one of the most widely used third-party tools to achieve this. It sits on your task bar and stays there silently and patiently waiting without eating up your resources.

Not having an interface as such, using TurboTop couldn’t be simpler. No complicated settings are required—all you have to is install the program and read the simple and clear instructions available on its official webpage to start enjoying this tool.

You’ll find TurboTop in your system tray, and if you click on its tiny icon using the left button of your mouse, you’ll see a list of all the active windows open on your desktop at that point in time. Bring the window you’re most interested in to the front, then select its name from the list, and you’re ready to go. Since the latest version of the program, you’ll be allowed to select more than one window, and move from one to another easily.

It is that simple, and that effective. If you browse the Web looking for third-party solutions to overcome the lack of an ‘always-on-top’ functionality in your Windows OS, you’ll surely find TurboTop as one of the most widely used and more highly appreciated solutions, always ‘on top’ of its competitors. It is free, and it works, except with some programs and apps that somehow manage to override TurboTop’s procedure. Their loss.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Does not require any additional settings
  • Sits on the task bar
  • Requires minimum resources


  • May not work with certain programs that override TurboTop's procedure
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